Questions & Answers

Why do so many spirits stay earth-bound at death?

In session, earth-bound spirits offer a wide array of reasons for not going to the Light. Here are some of the top reasons they give for remaining in the earth-plane: Confusion & ignorance of what to do Strong emotions-anger, hate, love, fear, jealousy, and the desire for revenge Addictions to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, food, gambling, or sex Obsessive attachment to a person, place, or an object Strong past life connections Unfinished business, promises, vows, or commitments Demon possession and influence… (continue reading)

What is the potential for healing with hypnotherapy?

Let me use a quote that addresses this question from one of the pioneers of this work. Dr. Modi is a physician and hypnotherapist using the very tools in question for over thirty-years. Here is her quote: “Looking over all the data, no matter from which angle, I see plainly that the majority of symptoms with which people struggle are caused by attachment of earthbound and demon entities, soul fragmentation and soul loss, and current and past life traumas. The… (continue reading)

Is it true that children can have extensive levels of attachment?

Yes they can and many do have extensive levels of attachment. Our sessions have shown a direct relationship between behavior and the level of attachment. Of course, most parents think their children are perfect and cannot possibly have something as insidious as energetic attachments (dark energies, earth-bound spirits, demonic energy, or etheric implants etc.). The same parent would make the same statement about themselves without any form of assessment or real evaluation. However, the vast majority of humanity has them,… (continue reading)

Are there professions at a higher risk of attachment?

Yes, almost everyone is susceptible. But some of the real standouts are massage therapists, energy healers, and chiropractors. Even emergency medical technicians, most physicians, nurses, preachers, teachers, psychics and mediums, hypnotherapists, psychotherapists, assisted living professionals, hospice workers and even people that work in high-stress, emotionally toxic corporate and government environments are highly susceptible. For these professions and professionals it is important to be cleared regularly and protected daily. Opportunities for attachment are greatly increased in these direct, high-touch fields of… (continue reading)

How can I determine if I or someone I love may have negative spirit attachments?

Research has shown that up to 90% of people have some form of spirit attachment. Any of the following could be a sign of attachment: Feeling not quite themselves – out of sorts Feelings of not being alone in your body Feelings of being alone, lost, unengaged and off-center Having intrusive, fearful, or angry thoughts and hearing voices Sexual issues that may seem extreme, fearful or inconsistent Addictions of any type (drugs, alcohol, sex, anger, etc.) Having the belief or… (continue reading)

Should Etheric Implants be a Concern?

Yes, implants can be a real concern because of the detrimental physical aspects. Most practitioners are familiar with the standard alien implants and have had the chance to release them in small numbers. Our therapist has developed a protocol to identify large numbers of dark or demonic implants that we feel may be even more detrimental than other varieties of implants as indicated in earlier studies. These make-up an important class of implant and the numbers that we are seeing… (continue reading)

What is the main focus of your work at Interventional Hypnotherapy?

Our work is in the spiritual realm and our focus is in clearing people of inhibiting, intruding, compromising or debilitating energies and spirits. They come in many types, arrive for many reasons, and can cause havoc spiritually, physically, and emotionally if left unaddressed. Our work is very serious and backed by years of experience, study, prayer, and the handi-work of Divine Beings (Angels). This work is a calling and a passion of love. Amen!… (continue reading)

Can you provide an assessment of all the attachments that may be present in my energy and body?

Yes, that assessment is part of our overall client analysis. We find that the majority of people have a variety of attachments and each type must be dealt with appropriately. To do this we look at what caused the client to be susceptible to attachment, when the attachment(s) came, what actions or issues the attachment(s) may be causing physically, mentally and spiritually. We do this with a combination of hypnosis, regression work, spirit release therapy, and a distance assessment process… (continue reading)

What percentage of clients having had hypnotherapy are found to have attachments?

Much of the research has shown that typically 80% to 90% or more of clients have some form of attachment. In fact, over the last two years we have seen three out of over 800 sessions where no significant attachments were present. We have seen one person in the last two years with a reading of zero attachments. Let’s also remember some people pick them up in the currect life and others bring them in from past lives. Sometimes the… (continue reading)

How does drug and alcohol use create a more likely situation for negative spirit attachment?

Essentially drugs and alcohol weaken the shield each of us has to protect against attachment. Someone that uses frequently and for prolonged periods of time is not only susceptible, but likely to have extensive levels of attachment. There are many substances and even behaviors that put us at risk. The use of drugs, alcohol and other mind altering elements can create a downward spiral and set-up a whole series of negative events that many may have never even considered. The… (continue reading)

Is spirit rescue work part of the offering by Interventional hypnotherapy?

Yes, we do rescue work for earth-bound spirits often. This is typically where people have died and for a variety of reasons at death did not go to the Light. They remained in the earth-plane and in many cases are confused, lost and unsure of what to do. Sometimes they feel that they are not worthy, or they have been very bad and simply avoided going to the Light. In other cases, these spirits chose to stay in the earth-plane… (continue reading)

Blanket of God’s White Light Meditation

Take a deep, calm breath. Let it out. Now visualize or imagine a column of brilliant, dazzling, vibrant, white liquid Light moving through the top of your head directly from God. As it moves through the crown of your head it begins to accumulate accumulating in the heart area growing brighter and brighter. Now begin to see this brilliant Light filling and illuminating your chest area, moving up and down in every direction filling your entire body, from the tips… (continue reading)

Can I really be hypnotized?

The answer is most often yes. However, if someone chooses not to be hypnotized, is in fear of being hypnotized or has a diminished mental capacity the answer may be no. Hypnosis is actually self-hypnosis and the therapist is actually a facilitator in self-hypnosis. The vast majority of people can be hypnotized and as a result, powerful and effective work can be accomplished.… (continue reading)

What is a mind-soul fragment and how are they formed?

The mind-soul fragment (fragment) is a part or an aspect of a person that is formed as a result of trauma. It is a protection and coping mechanism for the individual. When a traumatic event occurs the self (mind-soul aspect) splits because the person simply has found the trauma to invasive, frightening and cannot manage the reality of the trauma. The fragment can then retain the energy of the event and the mental aspect of the person at the time… (continue reading)

Are noxious rays common in homes and can they affect the well-being of the residents?

Yes, there can be many such noxious rays and energies. There are those that are earth related and described as geopathic energy radiation.  And there are others that are man-made energies like electrical wiring, transformers, high-energy electrical power lines, fluorescent lights (which are insidiously weakening to the health), and common household items (microwave ovens, TVs, DVD players, computers, faxes, printers, cellular telephones). We have seen practical evidence that these noxious energies cause headaches, lethargy, and aggravate a variety of other… (continue reading)

Does the therapist do the healing and clearing or is it done by Divine Beings?

All clearing and all healing is the handy work of Divine Beings. You can call them Angels or Beings of the Light. There is an unlimited number and an unlimited type and capability of these Beings to serve Humanity. The therapist is the facilitator and manager of the process and helps the client receive what is needed and seeks only the highest good of all. We like to say that our practice partners have wings, require no physical space, never… (continue reading)

I see that you offer remote clearing of people and locations. Does that require hypnosis?

Yes, we do offer remote clearing for people and locations and it does not require hypnosis. This work is done completely by the therapist and does not require active participation by the client. It is a process of intuitive review and scanning followed by complete clearing of all negative energies and intrusive entities.… (continue reading)

I see that you provide Spirit Release Therapy. Is that the same as Exorcism?

In some very basic ways you could say yes. But exorcism is an old word that describes what we believe is an incomplete, emotional and antagonistic process. Moreover, exorcism does not address the full range of energies or beings that can be uncovered in a session. We do release dark force energies, demonic energies, earth-bound spirits, and a wide variety of other intrusive and compromising energies. Some people call this process exorcism however inaccurately.  Others call it deliverance, depossession, or… (continue reading)

I have considered having hypnotherapy work done on a child or an elderly person that cannot travel or actively participate. How does that work?

In this case we like to suggest a remote session. It has all the benefits of hypnotherapy, but does not require the active presence or participation of the target client. Remote sessions are very common and highly successful in cases of this nature. It also serves as a method for people that may be fearful but would agree to have the work done remotely. A majority of our work is actually remote hypnotherapy or distance clearing work. This allows us… (continue reading)

Is hypnotherapy as effective in a remote session as it is in a private one-on-one session?

Yes. In the remote session a surrogate, a stand-in for the client is present to act as the client energetically. Without going deep into the mechanics of the process the remote session does have actual benefits over the private session in one school of thought. Since the client is not physically present there is less opportunity for the conscious mind to interfere, the surrogate is experienced in working in an altered state, and the possibility of hypnotic suggestion leading the… (continue reading)

Is it important that I believe in reincarnation and past lives to use hypnotherapy as a tool for clearing?

The short answer is no! As humans we typically think of time as a flat-line continuum of succeeding events. Actually it has been proven that all things happen simultaneously not in a linear progression. So in one respect we could argue that reincarnation does not exist, but on the other hand the frame of reference by the client during sessions has shown a very different reality. Simply stated, the therapies are not predicated on your belief system.… (continue reading)

How many sessions does it require for results to be evident to the client?

Important results can be attained in one session, but we cannot say what may be found or how much work may be required to clear all the issues ahead of a session. We are somewhat limited in how much we can accomplish in a single session simply by virtue of the therapist and client growing tired. It requires a lot of work and consistent effort. There is no magic number. Two to four sessions is reasonable for deeper work but… (continue reading)

What is an attachment?

An attachment in the simplest terms is an energy that is not yours. This energy becomes attached in your energy body (etheric field). Because of its presence your energy can be blocked, distorted, depleted, or diminished to the point of illness over time. Attachments can be dark-force energies, demonic energies, earth-bound spirits or other intruding and compromising energies. To go even deeper into this subject please review the other sections of this website.… (continue reading)

What part does faith have in hypnotherapy being effective for me?

Faith in the Divine is a beautiful thing and we would encourage it, but it is not required for the therapy to be effective. You can be of any faith or spiritual tradition or none at all. The application of the therapies and tools are not predicated on a client’s faith. At the same time, the client’s faith tradition can be helpful for the therapist in setting-up how the session is approached. However, believers, agnostics, and atheists can all receive… (continue reading)