Case Studies

Little Boy with Dark Issues (Remote Session)

I was asked to do a remote session hypnotherapy session on a little boy of less than two years old. The family was experiencing several very serious issues of behavior and even physical issues. The little boy was not speaking and seemed to be cut-off from language. For a little boy of roughly two years old they were running out of answers and people to help them. As we discuss the session work, we’ll call him Michael for privacy reasons.… (continue reading)

Earth-bound Spirits (Remote Session)

Richard called complaining of lethargy, a clogging feeling in his throat and congestion around his upper body, and overall not feeling himself. He was somewhat familiar with hypnotherapy so it was a quick conversation to schedule the session. During the session it became evident that Richard was very much correct and he had a quite a group of earth-bound spirits attached in his energy and body, but most accumulated near or around the chest and throat area. This session ran… (continue reading)

Anxiety and Safety (Private Session)

In Monika’s case she simply began to feel anxiety and obsessed with being safe. She started to have dreams about auto accidents and having thoughts of not driving at night. She would look for reasons to avoid expressway travel. Something was happening and she did not know what? This was all new and recent. She knew something had changed. It took only one session to locate a few earth-bound spirits in Monika’s energy and body. In seeking the cause of… (continue reading)

Liver Transplant Recipient (Remote Session)

Kathie’s family made contact with my office and was really concerned about how Kathie was behaving. Earlier in the year Kathie had received a liver transplant, and in most aspects the surgery went well and she had become much stronger and was doing well physically. But she had been acting out and making family life a real mess for everyone. She was having temper tantrums, hollering and just being recalcitrant about every issue of the day. This was not the… (continue reading)

The Unhappy, Unhealthy Executive (Distance Healing Sessions)

These sessions speak to a lot of executives that are highly successful and how that success can take a toll on the executive and impact their family. In gathering the initial details of what brought Charles to consider hypnotherapy and the other healing work he was found to be angry often, short and dismissive of everyone around him, less and less engaged in the family, away from home more than ever before, and it seemed his health had begun to… (continue reading)

Hepatitis C (Remote Session)

Aubrey was a really advanced case of spirit attachments. He had dozens of attachments distributed throughout his energy fields and body. Most were a direct result of his depleted state of health. Aubrey was a Hepatitis C patient in a very advanced state of cirrhosis. He could not travel so the request was that the work be done remotely. He had been admitted into the hospital and was just a matter of hours from emergency transplant status. He was coughing-up… (continue reading)

Psychic Attack (Remote and Private Sessions)

Martin was a special case and after our first session work it was clear that he had was carrying a large number of beings in his energy and body: demonic and dark force energies, soul-mind fragments, earth-bound spirits, and a group of five alien energies. His major complaints were that he had headaches and head pressure regularly, random nasal bleeding, he would be awakened at night by intruding energies (psychic attacks), and felt as though he was not alone in… (continue reading)

Multiple Sclerosis (Private Session)

Sierra complained of constant physical pain. In fact she had been diagnosed by her doctors to have a variety of illnesses and yet she was not convinced that anyone really knew what was happening. For over twenty years she had experienced debilitating pain, she was on a large group of medicines, she spent the majority of her days in the bed, and had not traveled in nearly two decades. Her doctor’s most recent diagnosis was Multiple Sclerosis. In working with… (continue reading)