Energetic Attachments

Compromising, Intruding and Detrimental

Earth-bound Spirits (EBS)

Earth-bound spirits are entities (more accurately called low-self entities) that for a variety of reasons do not move on to the appropriate dimension at death. In some cases they are stuck and in others circumstances they chose to avoid the normal transition process because they are confused, experiencing death shock, a variety of low-self energies or fear, or a sense of unfinished business. Nevertheless, earth-bounds can become attached to those of us in the physical body. It is very rare that an attachment of this nature provides positive results and while it may not be intended, their presence can have a detrimental physical and mental impact on the host.

In some cases, the earth-bound assumes they are helping the host or even protecting them. In speaking with these energies frequently, they genuinely misunderstand their impact. By bringing their own energy signatures to the host, the person they thought they were helping is actually being diminished. The earth-bound brings with them all the “energetic baggage” from their lives; predispositions, anger, judgment, sickness and a host of other energies that will not serve the host in a positive manner. Attachment is simply not good and even at a minimum level of intrusion it is still serving as an energetic parasite. However, once an entity is released all the energetic baggage leaves with it freeing the host to return to a state of energetic stasis.

Demonic and Dark Force Energy Attachments (DFEs)

In describing these energies or beings it can be said that the majority are intent on creating pain, suffering, discomfort, chaos, damage and destruction of the host. At the same time and for the purposes of therapy, the darkness, the devil, Satan, or Lucifer is not categorized as a metaphor, archetype or as an existent being but as one aspect of the spiritual or non-physical reality. There is a long history back through time of humans being possessed, obsessed, or of having negative attachments in their body and personal energy fields. It is not important that you believe or disbelieve, the fact is that they are historic constructs which when presented by the client are helpful in diffusing the issues or complications.

Literally tens of thousands of documented cases have shown that energies classified as demons, demonic energies, or dark force energies act upon humanity and can cause sickness, disease, and even death. By using a combination of hypnotherapy and a variety of other tools the therapist can release, neutralize, or extract these energies and offer the potential for dramatic improvement to the quality of life for the client.

Alien Energies (ETs)

As much as many people may like to disparage this group of beings as imaginary or non-existent, in therapy they do make themselves known and can be quite the challenge at times. Aliens, ET’s or extraterrestrials are beings which come from other planets, stars, solar systems or different dimensions or realms. Some come as a lone traveler and others arrive in groups or teams. They seek to establish connections with living humans and can become attachments buried in the energy of the unsuspecting host. Oftentimes, they actually do not become an attachment but are connected via a cord, called an aka cord. They can also be responsible for placement of energetic implants and devices with direct physical ramifications for the host; headaches, random nose bleeds, foggy or multiple vision, and other aches and pains that just seem to be unexplained by medical science.

We have also found that the ET’s can be aligned with dark force energies making them even more problematic. In any regard, it is never appropriate for discarnate beings (beings without bodies) to attach to a human as a parasitic entity.

Soul parts and Fragmentation

The simple understanding of this type of energy is best described as a response to trauma. It could be emotional, physical or other forms of trauma. These events can cause an immediate protective process to develop and the creation of a fragment to occur. The fragment is an aspect or another part of the self newly created that could not handle the trauma.

In therapy we see the fragments or soul parts in almost every session. They are typically frozen in time, believing themselves to be the person but demonstrating only knowledge of the event date, age of the client at the time of the trauma or other facts that indicate a static or frozen timeline. Our task is to successfully locate them, heal them and re-integrate them where possible. It is also important to understand that 99% of all dark being attachments carry soul parts of the client and others buried in its energy which must be healed and reintegrated during the session for optimum healing potential.

We’ve also recognized that not only do our clients have dark beings with soul parts, but that clients can also have fragments of others in their energy not related to a dark being. There are therapies to address each circumstance but this requires careful differential diagnostic determination, appropriate procedures for reintegration, and an experienced therapist familiar with this level of soul part retrieval.


A thought form is just as you might suspect. It is a thought with energy or enough energy to form a consistent energetic signature capable of attaching to a host; another human. It can have detrimental effects on the host which is determined by the energetic strength or intent of the creator. It is not a being or an entity, but can accumulate other energies as part of its expanding signature creating an even stronger and more detrimental effect for the host. Thought-forms can be positive or negative depending on the intent. Some thought-forms can sustain enough energy to be considered “possessing” thought-forms with serious results for the possessed.

Emotion-forms are very similar to the thought-forms but driven more by direct emotional intent. When the two are combined they have the potential to become even more powerful in their impact.


Curses can best be described as a type of psychic attack. Oftentimes when we think of curses we think of people who play in the dark arts and perform rituals to curse a specific person, place of thing. These can be quite intruding and powerful. A lighter form of a curse can be established by a seemingly normal personal simply attaching a powerful amount of negative intent and energy to an idea, personal vendetta, or revengeful hate toward someone. Over time it grows and other energies attach increasing its negative nature and potential impact. As part of our process we clear all types of curses, spells, and other free-floating negative energy from clients.