The Energy Model of Health

The energy model of health proposes that each of us lives with energy at the core of our lives. It is the life force energy. It guides our health at the macro level and our cells at the micro level. When we have blockages or interruptions in the flow of life force energy we can suffer physically and mentally. If the blockage is present long enough it has been shown to precipitate illness and even disease.

Many are familiar with the chakra system of the body which serve as accumulators and transformers of energy for and around the body. There is also the nadi system (72,000 channels of energy – consciousness) which plays an equally important role in maintaining health and positive energy flow to the cell community. These systems ensure the optimum flow of life force energy required for health.

Unfortunately, many experience blockages in these systems which can begin to diminish the life force energy. As a result and over time, the body’s energy grid becomes distorted and even suppressed. It can then begin to affect the immune system breaking down the body’s natural ability to defend itself and fight off disease.

The blockages can come from a variety of things including but not limited to unresolved internal conflicts, foreign energies (embedded – attachments of earth-bound spirits, soul-mind fragments, demonic or dark force energies, thought-forms and curses among others), biological carry-overs (from ancestors – genetic memory), alien or ET energies, trauma (prenatal, birth, or more generally described as current life or past life).

The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind contains all the memory of everything a person has ever perceived. I like to call it the world within, but to clarify even more I will quote one of the masters of this work, William Baldwin, MD., PHD. (1992):

“Every experience is recorded in the memory, including biographical material from this life, the birth, the pre-natal period, other lifetimes, and the non-physical experience between lives. The memory bank includes of every past event,; the surrounding circumstances and conditions; all physical and sensory input, including subliminally received data; and the thoughts, emotions, feelings, and perceptions associated with the event. There also seems to be the thoughts of other people involved in these past incidents, perhaps transmitted telepathically.”

These facts make the subconscious mind a treasure trove of important data to access and have impact in the lives of those seeking help. With the help of hypnosis and regression therapy the data are made available and can become part of the solution for a client.

Negative Forcing Functions

Negative forcing functions are generators of energy buried in the subconscious mind. They distort truth, the body’s energy fields and cause blockages to occur in the natural energy pathways of the body. This is a blockage of “life force energy.”

As each of us goes through life we encounter every type of negativity and trauma. If we make them our own and internalize the belief it becomes buried in our subconscious and is continually reinforced. We can even bring these forward from past lives, genetic ancestral carry-overs, and internal conflicts. Not only do we suffer from lessened or depleted energy, but we can be open to attachments that also cause Negative Forcing Functions to be programmed into our subconscious.

This becomes a powerful circle of reinforcement. Life force energy is reduced, the subconscious becomes programmed with the Negative Forcing Functions, and the potential for illness, disease and death can become a reality. The part that many people miss is the natural compensation of the body. When an area has restricted life force energy it draws from other parts of the body. This repeats and repeats until it diminishes more and more of the natural energy causing disease in the cell community. In Eastern medicine this has been recognized for thousands of years.

Hypnosis allows us to clear the energy restrictions, clear the Negative Forcing Functions and reprogram the subconscious mind freeing the client from years of limitations and self-defeating behavior. All of this in combination can be dramatic and immediate results forthcoming.