Attachment and Releasement Р101

There are two things that most people have heard and can easily understand about being human. The first is that we are energy beings and the second is that we are beings of spirit. However, synthesizing both aspects and delving deeply enough into the nuance of these propositions happens rarely.

As specialists in regression therapy and Spirit Releasement Therapy, energy and spirit are the central tenets of what we do. In the simplest terms there are four elements that drive our work and provide value to the client. These elements in combination are powerful:

  • Hypnosis as a Tool
  • Energy Model of Health
  • Spirit and Energy Attachment
  • Releasement Strategies

Each of these components plays a vital role in the process of Releasement Therapy. Hypnosis is the process of inducing an altered state to by-pass the conscious mind and access the subconscious. The subconscious mind knows all things about the individual and can be free to convey these truths without interference from that busy-body, always-engaged conscious mind. This helps the therapist get to the core issue under review and address it more readily.

It is also important to realize that hypnosis is not a whacked-out state or a state where you do not have control. In fact, the client under hypnosis is actually more alert and more aware than during general waking consciousness. The hypnotic state can also be terminated at any time by the client.

More traditionally seen as an Eastern description, the energy model of health is an important element in understanding the human energy system. We each have an energy body that helps us flow life force energy to cell community of our bodies. When this energy is blocked, diverted, or subjected to distortions it impacts the body and at its logical conclusion can cause or exacerbate a variety of health concerns.

As part of that energy matrix called the human body, we can become targets for negative energy, dark energy, earth-bound spirits, and a variety of other intruders. They block, divert or distort the life force energy meant for our cell community. This creates the detrimental aspect of our physical bodies not having adequate flow of the life force energy.

These attachments can come to us in many types and from many sources. Often times these energies and attachments come to us when we are weak, sick, hurt, or experiencing high levels of anger and emotion. They can also come when people are in self-induced altered states; drinking alcohol, doing drugs, and during extreme violence. This can attract dark energy. They are opportunists waiting for our spiritual immune system to be weakened and our guard to be down.

Just to name a few, they can be described as earth-bound spirits (those that have died but remained in the earth plane), dark energies or what some would call demonic energies, even alien energies (energies from other realms having never been in a human body). There are at least another dozen or so additional energies or beings that we could discuss but for this brief description the central element is to understand how and why they are detrimental.

They disrupt our life force energy with their presence and bring with them all their old energetic baggage (sickness and disease, predispositions and attitudes, angers and emotions, and habits). This baggage impacts the host (the person to whom the energy is attached) negatively. They are essentially energetic parasites. It is rare that an attachment is a good thing.

In the case of the dark or demonic energies, they intentionally seek to cause harm or in some way destroy the host. They are typically direct about this issue and are more often than not proud of their efforts. As we speak with these energies during a session, they are quite intent and sometimes defiant to be left to their handy-work. Once the therapist has investigated fully the ramifications upon the client we release the energies and free the client.

During the releasement process all the negative and intruding energies that we can identify are released. We also employ several general clearing tools to capture those that we could not speak with directly so the client is as clear as possible at the end of the session. Our intent and value proposition is to provide a set of therapies that access the attachments and blocking energies, clear and release them, and bring the client back from the hypnotic state feeling clearer, stronger, and without the intruders..