A session could include meditation exercises, chakra & total field clearing at deep levels, hypnotherapy, energetic healing, spirit & entity release, DNA activation, and other specialties. The selection is driven by the client and their individual need. Private Skype sessions are available. This is serious work for those with energetic attachments, entities, implants, negative cords & intrusive time-line connections, abductee complications, and a variety of issues causing discomfort, sleeping disorders, energetic physical ailments, and a variety of emotional trauma.

Call with your questions. Personal Skype sessions and a variety of remote sessions are available anywhere in the world for you or a loved one. Remote sessions will be priced individually based on need and depth of the issues. Contact me with questions.

Hypnotherapy Sessions – Are sold in packages of three & five sessions. Hypnotherapy sessions run $199.00 per session. A session usually runs 1.5 to 2.0 hours. This could include regression and other modalities & tools to release troublesome issues.

Full-Day Teaching Intensive: Personal “full day” work-shop session in person can be arranged for deeper and more intensive work. Full day sessions are from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM and fees are $599.00 per day. Out of town clients can travel in, stay very close and have clear focus on the work in person. The intensive process may include all or a variety of services; awakening, energy clearing of trauma, hypnosis & sub-conscious mind work, spirit, energy & entity release, DNA strand activation, energy modulation to a higher state of consciousness, and learning how to occupy a “new reality” in living.

Specific Individual Services: All $199.00 per session. They typically last an hour and no more than two hours in a sitting. Advance payment is required 24 hours before all scheduled sessions begin – via Paypal. Full day intensives are paid at the time of scheduling.

On-Site Group Teaching: Teachings, Meditations, Energy Work, and a wide variety of deep clearing can be arranged for groups of five or more off-site. My session room can hold up to five. Pricing varies based on location and specific requests/ purpose. Subjects can range from ascension & awakening, activation of DNA, adding DNA strands, field clearing, entity release, moving out of a 3-D reality, intentional living, & personal reality creation.

Skype: dmauldin1111

Paypal address for payment & email contact: email hidden; JavaScript is required

Phone contact: 404-664-2745 but I may be in session when you call so leave your information and I will return the call as possible.

*** If funding is an issue please express this and we will try to assist if at all possible. Thank you!